Geometric Shape Leather Handcrafted Handbag for Women

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Product Name: Black Tanami

An extraordinary handcrafted leather shopping tote bag boasting a mass of detailing. Laser-cut leather gives that wow factor and transforms an ordinary leather tote bag into something so special and unique. This bag is hand sprayed for coloring especially to give that vintage look or style.

All the raw materials used for our products are treated and dyed. Experience the luxury of owning a traditional handmade leather handbag.

Some features are the following:

  • Metallic black Colour
  • Double lock zipper
  • Detachable leather straps.
  • Handcrafted design
  • Accurate laser cutting
  • Lockable with ZIP
  • 25 cm (H) 36 cm (W)

It is an amazingly shaped laser cut handcrafted bag. 100% leather construction. Beautiful geometric shape and design. it comes with a wonderful handcrafted design that has its uniqueness. It has a double handle with zipper closure.

Material: Calf Leather Cow Crust – 100%

SKU: MEL02550S006


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