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Top 5 Leather Jackets To Buy This Fall And How To Style Them

Arif MohammadSep 25, '19

The long-awaited season of fall is finally here and we all know what that means; it’s leather jacket season! Are you even spending autumn the right way if you’re not bundled up in a badass leather jacket paired with a cozy scarf? The answer is obviously no. If you’re wondering which leather jackets to choose and buy from the plethora of leather jackets at online shops and how to style them the right way so that you can stay fashionable while staying warm as well, you’re definitely at the right place. Read on to find out the top 5 trendiest leather jackets for women to buy this fall and how to style them as expertly as one can.


1. Green Leather Jacket


The best thing about this jacket from Mudawwana is the earthy tone of sage it has, as sage is a very popular color seen in almost every FW19 collection. With its gray asparagus hardware finish, this washed jacket will be the ideal accessory for you once you pair it with a black mini skirt and matching tight.


2. Dull Black Leather Jacket


The fact that this classy gray leather jacket from Mudawwana is on a huge sale right should be enough to convince you to buy it, but something also worth considering is that the cool tone and sharp structure of this jacket make it professional enough for you to rock at a business casual event too.


3. Cream Leather Jacket for Women


Sometimes, it’s time to stick to neutral tones like beige or cream which is exactly why this leather jacket is ideal for those days. It’s simple, sophisticated, and the epitome of everything classy. The slight tinge of pink in the beige shade gives it a youthful, fun, and feminine touch that we all want in our outfits.


4. Women Red Brando Leather Jacket


On the other, it can’t possibly hurt to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with bold and bright colored fashion staples such as a vibrant red leather jacket from Mudawwana. Walkout looking like the ultimate boss lady that you are after pairing this jacket with either black skinny jeans or a black midi skirt along with matching heels and a top of your choice.


5. Black Leather Jacket


Last but not least, this classic black leather jacket is a must-have wardrobe staple since it’s always good to go back to something classic and vintage after experimenting with different and modern things. Black leather goes with just about everything, so there’s really no such thing as styling it the right way. Now that you‘ve read all about these uniquely badass leather jackets and how to style them the right way in fall, you can use them as the ideal layer on top of any autumn outfit to give it extra points instantly. Head on over to to shop these ultra-cool leather jackets alongside other fashion articles including bags, outfits, and other accessories.


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